Meet Me

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

“beautiful boy (darling boy)” by John Lennon
Kristy (Taominx) self-portrait.

Kristy (Taominx)

Photographer, Blogger, Copywriter


Thanks for your interest in Bluebird and Crow. My name is Kristy, and Bluebird and Crow was born from my innate desire to help and empower people around me. To watch as they discovered their power and their voice.

Over the last few years, I have struggled with my identity, my goals in life, and my future. I’ve struggled with learning to know myself and to stop pleasing everyone else to the detriment of myself and my boundaries. I always wanted to write, and a few years back I created a blog. It went nowhere. I was in no position to take that kind of step when I was in such a messy mind space. This time I start Bluebird and Crow, not only as a blog but as a space to help others embrace their own selves.

The above quote is not mine. I’ve heard its John Lennon but also that Allen Saunders wrote it in 1957 and the quote appeared in Reader’s Digest in the same year. The exact wording above does come from the song “beautiful boy (darling boy)” by John Lennon. It’s a quote that has lingered in my mind and become part of my life since I first read it as a young girl.

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