Our Mission and Vision

Hi, I am so thrilled you found us

If you feel trapped by everyday life? Are you limited by your mindset? If you feel ambushed by negative thoughts? Are suffocating under the weight of expectations? If you want to discover more of yourself? Want to learn new skills and strategies to help your personal growth? Or feel adrift in this chaotic world?

That’s why we are here!

Our mission at Bluebird and Crow is to empower you through self-exploration. We aim to support your growth and broaden your horizons. We will join you as you delve into the emotions, traumas, and learned responses that can affect your life and impact your relationships. Discover your personal truths, dive into the inner workings of your nature, and learn acceptance of ourselves. We want you to feel whole within yourself and no longer look at yourself through the veil of failure and shame.

The values behind Bluebird and Crow are positivity, growth, acceptance, understanding, respect, transparency and community. We won’t allow disrespect, personal attacks, or inappropriate, destructive, or unacceptable behaviours. Topics we cover will push boundaries, ask the hard questions, and discuss unpopular or misconstrued concepts and behaviours. We are not offering medical advice, therapy or therapy related services or professional diagnosis or treatment in any form.

We are creating a space for conversation, open communication, learning, community and, dare I say it? Love! We want you to feel heard, valued, and safe in this space and within your own body.

Check out our blog that’s where we share our experiences, intimate stories, and other diverse content to aid you with your journey. We will plunge into everyday stressors, social and family expectations, self-repression, sexualities and sexual desires, the loneliness of parenthood, boundaries; how to set them and recognising when they’re crossed, and much more. Here you can converse with like and open-minded people. Pushing your own boundaries and understandings of the world around you?

Other content will be available in the future, we have plans to include a gallery, photography, written works, and collaborations. Art in its many forms empowers us, we want to share that with you and even include you!

Thank you for visiting. We hope to see you here regularly.

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