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Welcome to my written works page. I am a lover of words and enjoy the delicate and intricate webs and understandings they can reveal. Below, you can dive into my blogs, my imagination or my professional works.

I am a People Pleaser

I am a people pleaser There I said it. It’s out there. And now we all know it. I am a people pleaser. I bend myself backwards and tie myself in knots to help everyone and anyone until I’m nothing but an overly exhausted husk. An empty shell of stress, anxiety and depression. I will…

Kristy (Taominx) aka Kat

About Me

I am Kristy,

A divine female and a lover of creativity and spirituality. I am a spiritual daughter of the Earth Mother and a mother of two human children, adopted mother of 6 fur babies.

Unhappy with how the last 15 years of my life have gone. I am now taking my creativity and building a space of growth, connection, understanding, and art.

I am a writer; blogging and copywriting, a photographer; Outdoor in natural light, a budding Digital Artist; Amateur hobbyist. I am driven to and have a calling to empower people to reach higher than before and encourage continual growth.

I’m like a friend! I share experiences with you.

My education lays heavy in business administration for now, my passions lay in spirituality, personal growth, and trauma healing. I offer naught but a space to share a journey of self-discovery. I do not offer medical advice or diagnosis, therapy, or therapeutic strategies. This may change with time, I have plans to do just that.

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